Trevor Crafts

The creator of Lantern City, Trevor Crafts is no stranger to building worlds. Winner of the LATV Festival and numerous industry awards, including an Emmy®, Trevor has spent his career creating dynamic stories with striking visuals featuring strong characters. His love of all things fantastic was nurtured by his dad, who opened Trevor’s mind to science fiction literature and film at an incredibly young age. Trevor, now CEO of Macrocosm Entertainment, has acted as producer, writer, and director and seems to work best on little to no sleep, fulfilling multiple roles at a time. Macrocosm Entertainment is a new voice in transmedia entertainment. With the platinum age of content development thriving, Macrocosm’s goal is to bring dynamic engaging content to all global and multi-platform distribution models. Macrocosms' streamlined creative process ensures consistent delivery of the highest quality TV, Film, and Interactive projects.

Prior to Founding Macrocosm, Trevor started PGP Films, a company focused on branded entertainment and television production and FullMind, an East Coast based full service post production company.

Matthew J Daley
Writer / Producer

When asked by his grandparents at age ten what he wanted to be when he grew up, Matthew answered confidently, ‘a writer, historian, or comedian.’ He wasn’t too far off, finding himself in adulthood writing for film & television (winning an Emmy® along the way). He has always been attracted to genres, especially Horror and Sci-Fi, and recently wrote the horror movie Flay (2015). He wrote the Lantern City prequel novel Rise and is currently at work on the Lantern City comic book series.

Follow him on Twitter: @matthewjdaley

Ellen Scherer Crafts
VP of Development

Ellen started her career in special events and marketing, producing headline entertainment and live boxing events with HBO. She went on to hone her skills by assembling and managing cross-functional teams that helped her to execute large scale meetings and product launches for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. In 2015 she joined Macrocosm Entertainment full-time to manage operations and marketing and develop new properties as part of their transmedia approach to entertainment.