The Sleepless

The Next Step Initiative (NSI) is a group of scientists pushing the boundaries of human development. Once its discovered that NSI has been testing on children the cutting edge research group is immediately disbanded and the subjects are sent back to their normal lives. Ten years later, Stephen is living an anything but normal life. The results of the experimentation have left him with superhuman strength and intelligence, a hard thing to hide when you haven't slept in a decade.

Suddenly, an unknown assailant starts killing everyone associated with the NSI; and news reports show a cruder form of advanced humans, known as Freaks, that are on the warpath. Stephen must find and reunite with his fellow NSI subjects Toni and Cole to discover their full potential and exactly what the NSI did to them.

Like Limitless, The Bourne Series, and the X-Men cannon, The Sleepless is an action-adventure film combining elements of science fiction, espionage, and super hero stories.